What People Have to Say about T & A...

"T & A are great! What an awesome couple and incredible hosts of the T&A House Party. They made my first lifestyle house party experience tons of fun and very memorable. Their home holds many exciting things to view and try. Can't wait to explore more. T creates such an inviting atmosphere to their home and A sure knows how to make a girl feel comfortable on the sybian. (Highly recommended!) Can't wait till their next party in December!!!!"

"t&a have a wonderful house party, everyone is real and down to earth. If you are looking for a good time and great people check them out !"

"This was my first T&A house party. My date and I had an absolutely wonderful time. From the moment we walked in the front door, with the guided tour, and introductions all around it was fabulous. A and T are such gracious hosts, always right there available for and offering assistance. Great food, great company, and if interested great sex!! I’m certainly looking forward to their next party. It will be a blast. Smiling!!"
N & M

"We had a great time at T&As party , it was a relaxed atmosphere no pressure and plenty to do , classy, hope to attend again very soon ,great cpl to party with!"
K & K

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank T and A for such a great house party!!! It's hard to believe a house this clean and neat could house so many dirty minds in one party. Seriously, their parties are awesome, T is an excellent cook, and A knows how to entertain with all of his "gadgets and toys". If you get the chance to attend one of their parties, jump at it! Thanks again, and looking forward to many more!"
D & D

"We would like to say a few things here about this party and fantastic couple that throws these parties. We attended the house party that was last month and let us tell you, if you have never been to one of T&A's house parties you are missing out. We discovered very fast that everybody that attended this house party is very friendly and fun to talk with and just hang out with too. We also discovered that T&A are some of the best host out there at this moment, they will greet you and show you around the house and from time to time they will make sure you are part of the party and enjoying yourselves. We know this fist hand as Mrs. T was the hostess with the most and Mr. A wow can he put on a show for everybody, together they are a great couple with many talents. Back to the party, the other couples that help out make sure everybody is safe and do what the house rules say, they keep the place clean, as we all have to remember this is a house party, so somebody lives here. The spread that Mrs. T, places for everybody is excellent and plenty of it. The rooms you can play in are great and everybody was sharing space, and spouses too, so if you have to choose one house party to attend, we would highly recommend this party, remember we are saying this and we have a 2 hour and 20 minute drive to get here one way and we look forward to doing this trip as many times as we can possible do. T&A, again thank you very much for everything you did while we were at your fantastic party and we look forward to seeing you both again!"
M & S

"Attended for our 1st time, the entire experience (and sexual experiences)was wonderful. Greeted, shown the place by "host", shown drink & food location AND play areas, toys, pool...just amazing, comfortable, friendly, open and very relaxing. Met more people here than anywhere else. Enjoyed my first spin on a sybian among other activities! FUN, sexy, casual ... just perfect. We will be returning & recommend T&A parties wholeheartedly!"
K & P

"T and A know how to throw a party! The house is awesome and clean! They are super friendly and welcoming, and they continued to float and check on everyone all night long, stopping to "make sure" several people enjoyed themselves! We will definitely go back! Super wonderful people you should get to know! Hugs and Kisses!"

"T & A...what a fantastic couple!!!!! "T" is a little sexy firecracker that knows what she wants and "A" is very laid back but knows how to charm the ladies! Dont pass up the opportunity to meet this couple! These two paired together; well they make a couple you could only dream of meeting once in a lifetime. They are wonderful hosts and make sure you know what to expect at their party house, we highly recommend to couples who want to know what a real party house is like! If you receive an invitation, take it!!! You'll have fun! They are a must see couple so dont let them pass you by if you ever get the chance!!!"
P & F

"This is for those of you that are on the fence or potential first timers. We 100% certify T&A. From the instant we were greeted by those beautiful blue eyes (she knows who she is) It was SO MUCH FUN. This being our first house party we can without a doubt say were coming again and again. Such wonderful hosts with an awesome lovely home. Everyone was so nice and meeting others was the best. We felt no pressure but as the night went on boy did the juices start flowing. Were so happy to have been included & after meeting another couple, we 4 just had a blast. Thank you so very much T&A for opening your house up to others. What a wonderful thing you do. Hugs & Kisses !"
R & S

"T and A are great people, fantastic hosts and a loving couple. They made us feel right at home as soon as we walked through the door. They were never too busy to answer a question or to describe how to work a toy or the swing. We liked the fact they had their own security people there to assist everyone, they were very friendly and outgoing also. If you have never been to a house party before, this is the one to go to. We will be back again to enjoy ourselves with the great crowd they had there. Thank you T and A for a wonderful evening and a great time!"
MsD and Mac

"A&T are a great, down to earth and fun couple. We felt very relaxed at their home. The party (and food) were awesome! Please if you have an opportunity, come join the fun.!"
F & M

"WOW! What a wonderful party! T&A are fabulous hosts…from making you feel welcome in their home and providing an array of delicious foods to showing you how to adjust a swing for maximum pleasure. From the moment you arrive, their house is warm and inviting with great food and music. As you venture further back, the ambience becomes markedly more erotic accented by the subtle lighting and plethora of toys and instruments of pleasure. If you’ve ever wondered about riding a Sybian, getting flogged, using a love swing,or spanking bench, then do NOT pass up an opportunity to attend one of T&A’s parties. We will certainly look forward to others 🙂 !"

"This was our first house party and boy.... T&A put on quite a spread. First off we met many friendly, down to earth couples. It was nice to talk and get to know the lifestyle from many walks of life. The home is lovely, laid out to mingle and socialize, but if you wanna see what's going on in the fun rooms then take a walk down the hall, walk slow....there is lots to see =D Feeling fisky yet? Wait until you get to the master bedroom......spankings anyone?? There is so much going on I won't spoil the fun, so you just need to experience it for yourself. We will be going back, maybe we will see ya there 😉 !"

"What a great place and great crowd of people. T and A are wonderful hosts and did a fantastic job of making everyone feel welcome. And A definitely knows how to show a girl a good ride on the sybian. Very nice clean place to go with lots to do and see. looking forward to the next party.!"
K & B

"We attended T and A's party recently and really enjoyed it! They are great hosts, nice venue, great food, and many fun couples having a great time! We are definitely looking forward to many return visits !"

"Great Host and Hostess + people + great house + great food = one great party! T & A were fantastic hosts with a beautiful home Thank you for hosting a wonderful experience! J and I had a great time! Hope to make another one soon!"

"We attended A and T's party and had a great time. Lots of fun people, good atmosphere and great playtime. We enjoyed ourselves and will definitely go to any future parties whenever we can!"
L & M

"These 2 are totally awesome hosts. Best house party ever! Good, fun crowd. Good food. Good music. Awesome playrooms with toys!!! Don't pass up chance to attend one of their parties. We will definitely be at more of their parties!"
T & A

"A and T are two of the greatest people you would ever want to meet. And they throw the best house party around!! We highly recommend attending one of their "T&A" house parties, it will be an experience you won't soon forget. A is the consumate host, making sure that everyone is having a good time, and his beautiful wife T is an excellent hostess, making everyone feel welcome and putting out an excellent spread of food as well. Well done!!! And thanks for the memories !"